You’re curious about having a private session.

That’s great!

There can be several reasons for booking an individual session such as:

  • You want to look deeper into and heal the energetic origins of a health problem you are dealing with

  • You are looking for personal or spiritual growth

  • You want to discover and heal the underlying energy dynamics in relationship(s)

How sessions work

Most sessions are remote and happen online, although I’ll gladly see you in my private studio in Lugano if you happen to be in the area. No two sessions are ever the same, but in the name of giving you a general idea:

At the start of the session we take a moment to talk and I will assist you to feel and experience the energetic reality that lies beneath the conversation. After that we will start to balance, harmonize, clean and lift your energy through body movement, breath, affirmations or I will draw your energy field for you. At the end of the session you will receive personalised exercises and techniques for you to work with until our next session.

Meeting Maartje couldn’t have surprised me more. She starts where psychotherapy meets its limits and goes straight to the core. Every session hits deep in the best, most realist love imaginable. Compassionate, tough, with a structural clarity I haven’t seen like this. Ever. I wholeheartedly recommend meeting with her!
— Ola, Head of Customer Service, Germany

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