Let me speak to your mind first:

I am a highly trained practitioner with more than 10 years of experience working both privately and in groups. My toolbox is vast and based on a number of complementary studies from the Barbara Brennan Healing Science (a renowned international school of healing founded by a NASA scientist), shamanism (with native shamans that have a traditional mystical approach to energy), yoga (ashtanga, hatha, kriya), body work, dance, breathing techniques, mythology and modern psychology.

My clients are from an astounding range of industries (politics, finance, education, hospitality, arts, health & wellbeing, marketing & pr) and countries (Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, United States, Australia, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Dubai, Kazachstan, Portugal, Brazil, Indonesia, Slovakia).

I work with senior executives from world leading consultancies, politicians, diplomats, advisors to state, actors, academics, stay-at-home parents, creatives, executives and CEOs, youtube stars, designers, hoteliers, chefs and winemakers, professional healers, therapists and bodyworkers, teachers, facility managers, cleaning personnel, gardeners, (radio) moderators and journalists. My youngest client was under a year old, the oldest a centenarian.

Now, let me speak to your soul:

My biggest strength is my capacity to see where you are, where your soul is guiding you and what might be blocking you.

The people who work with me come to work with me because they feel called. This often manifests as a curious pull. That pull turns into a full yes once we dive in, which is why I am happy to offer a free, 15-minute discovery session with no strings attached. This is not a “sales call” but a way for you to connect with me and feel whether we’re a match.

Still here?

If you’re curious, read my story!


My parents cared deeply for my education but held different priorities. So in my upbringing there was room for physical, emotional as well as mental education with the same dedication.  And there was room for spirituality. This has given me the opportunity to grow into a person that can hold many opposites simultaneously.

I studied at the university of Rotterdam and obtained a Master’s degree from the faculty of Humanities. After broadening my horizon as a tour leader I worked for several years for the Scientific Council of The Netherlands where I was responsible for the Cognitive, Psychological and Evolutionary sciences.

Being aware that there are more facets of life, I enrolled in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. After becoming a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner in 2007, I follow the flow of life and shape my experiences more consciously and have enjoyed the guidance of many talented teachers, shamans and therapists. I am now focussing on the evolution of the consciousness of our species.  I work holistically - incorporating body, mind and soul - on the emergence of our co-creative potential.

I have had the pleasure of working with Maartje in person, via Skype workshop and through multi-dimensional family constellation work. Her insights were spot on and prescient—foreseeing and helping me move toward newly emerging phases of development. Her alignment and ability to transmit higher-dimensional frequencies are impeccable. I have no reservations in recommending her to anyone ready to take next steps in their evolutionary process.
— Cynthia, English Literature Teacher, Torino

How I became multi-dimensional

During the transformational year of 2012, I made the energetic and consciousness shift that became available to our species for the first time in the history of earth. During this process I channelled and developed various unique and powerful techniques that facilitate this change.

When teaching about multi-dimensional being, I base it on sacred body movements that help you to:

  • Get back into the flow of life when you get stuck or off track

  • Love, accept and appreciate yourself also in difficult situations

  • Unite duality and create miracles

  • Consciously create your reality

  • Reclaim and recycle any of your energy that has got lost

Following these teachings you progress in the process of ascension. One of the results is that your identification expands from incarnated human to include the spirit and soul that are the sources of your life. Through the expansion and understanding of the experience of “I am” life becomes more and more a gift and a beautiful adventure.

The full method is refined and expanded with:

  • Sacred Movements as energy consciousness creation,

  • Consciousness reprogramming,

  • DNA adaption,

  • New energy frequency transmissions.

This approach has opened up levels of awareness in this new world for very experienced spiritual professionals and people that have less experience with self development.

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