Hello, dear person on the world wide web,

My name is Maartje. I’m a spiritual teacher based in Lugano, Switzerland and I work remotely with people all over the world on the essence of their unfolding self.

You’re probably here because someone’s told you about my work.


Curious what working with me would be like?

Explore the possibility of
diving deep together.


Who you are speaking to

I’m a spiritual teacher with 10+ years experience and clients in 20+ countries.

I love making multi-dimensional energy structures understandable and applicable. I’m great at seeing where energy is stuck or misaligned in all sorts of systems; be it relationships, bodies or businesses.

What working with me is like

Most of my sessions with private clients are remote, although I’ll gladly see you if you happen to swing by Lugano.

My approach is direct and goes straight to the essence of the underlying energetics. When you come to work with me it means you are ready to receive.

Answers to your questions

What’s energy work and how you know whether we’d be a match?

If you still have unanswered questions after reading this, do send them to me. I’m great at reading energies and not so great at reading your mind (and I really love putting every curious mind at ease).


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“Thank you sooooooo much!!! Without you I doubt I could have gotten out of the mess I was in!!! You are my blessing!”
— Halina, Senior Consultant, Belarus